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  • Developer: Istation
  • Genre: Education
  • Version: 2.9
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Official information

Release Date Jul 12, 2014
Developer Istation
Publisher Istation Inc.
Genre Education
Language English
System Windows, MacOS, Andoid, iOS
Version 2.9


Istation – Learning Made Easier in the Digital Age

These days, children are more interested in and familiar with technology than ever before. Because there are so many gaming apps for children and adults out there, it only makes sense to use the available technologies to help kids in their education. Istation is the application created for learning purposes, and it can become an excellent addition to both the classroom and at-home studies. The app has even received an award for being one of the best educational apps available. In this Istation review, you can find out more important information if you are interested in using this app to its fullest potential.   

Learning doesn’t have to be boring and difficult

Istation is a free app that was designed by Imagination Station, Inc. and is used as an additional tool to help children acquire basic knowledge in several areas. You can download Istation by link in footer. The application provides students and educators with access to a variety of educational resources and instructions. This particular app has several sections in which children can improve their knowledge, and they include the following:

  • Spanish

  • Math

  • Reading (early and advanced)

  • Writing

The application offers a large number of interactive activities that help each child learn at their own pace, making sure that they understand everything before proceeding to the more complicated tasks. The current version of the Istation app is suitable for children who are in prekindergarten and up to the 12th grade.

Istation can be viewed as the supplemental curriculum, but it’s definitely quite a thorough app. Besides the obvious benefit for children, the app is straightforward and easy to set up for teachers and parents. All they have to do is create separate accounts for all children who are involved, and the games are completely free to play. The instructions before different educational games are clear and children-oriented, which means that in most cases there will be no need to explain the task to kids additionally.

The teachers have access to additional materials and libraries of tools to help them engage with children and lead their classes successfully.  

A lot of users agree that the application gives the best results when used strategically in combination with other offline materials instead of just randomly completing all the games that are provided in the app.

Fun design and age-appropriate visuals

Being the application that is created for children to enjoy, it’s not surprising that Istation is a bright and colorful app. The images and videos are made in the cartoonish style, which will be appealing to most young kids. The app complements the text with plenty of images, thus making sure that children have an easier time remembering the information.

Tracking the progress of children

While playing games will definitely make children more engaged, it’s also essential for teachers to understand how well everyone is doing. There are a number of reporting options available in the app, and teachers are definitely advised to explore them if they want to get the most out of the Istation app. The progress-tracking function makes it possible for teachers to see which areas need more attention and they will be able to choose tasks that will be most beneficial for children.

What is also great about the app is its support across different platforms. When children use the application and play different games, their teachers can view the results directly on the Report and Management site of Istation, which makes the entire process a lot smoother.  

Istation can also be effectively used to determine the level of knowledge in children before the beginning of the year. Such an approach can help teachers determine what needs to be studied during the year and in which order for children to get the best results.

What makes the app different from many other educational apps out there is that children won’t even notice that they are being assessed and their results are collected, thus avoiding the feeling of competition.

The app gives teachers an opportunity to see the personal progress of each student and also the overall success of the entire class, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to organizing the educational process.

Availability for different devices: iOS and Android included

If you are interested in the Istation download, the application can be obtained from the Play Store for Android devices. And, it can also be installed on iOS devices by downloading it from the official iTunes Store.



The application makes the process of learning a lot more fun for young children who are usually easily distracted and get bored quickly. The students can successfully learn new materials with the help of various songs, games, and characters while teachers are able to consistently watch their progress using the features available in the application.


  • Some instructions may be too lengthy for children
  • Can become too monotonous if not combined with other materials


  • Great variation of songs and games for children
  • Colorful and fun design appropriate for children
  • Monitoring and progress-tracking opportunities for teachers
  • Convenient and simple interface
  • Great instructions for children before games
Gameplay controls