About us

Istation is an educational app providing pupils and teachers with the best innovative technologies for learning. Why use Istation? There are at least, eight I-S-T-A-T-I-O-N reasons for that.

I is for “Interactivity”

Learning blends with playing so that these interchangeable activities do not let the kid get bored and contribute better research.

S is for “Support”

This app supports learners on every stage of studying by giving instructions, manuals, and educational resources.

T is for “Teacher’s involvement”

Every teacher can keep track of the pupil’s performance with the Teacher Station feature.

A is for “Animation”

All the characters and environments are well-animated and colorfully-drawn to keep the attention and concentration of little students.

T is for “Testimonials”

Testimonials which you can find on the app’s site help you manage with the app and understand its features from the experienced users.

I is for “Insights”

With the customized guidance through the app and the best practices it offers, you will get insights to enhance your educational approaches.

O is for “Opportunities”

The opportunities for studying Math, Reading, and Spanish become unlimited with the app’s use.

N is for “Network”

The app provides networking for teachers and pupils for better educational progress.

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