Istation Reading Overview

Istation Reading Overview

Istation Reading is a popular school app that was made to help teachers to evaluate the progress of their students, and for students to learn better while playing in colorful games. While students make progress and learn something new each lesson, just by playing games and following instructions of cartoons, Istation evaluates them and sends notifications on their progress to teachers, parents and school administration. Download Istation from official site. 

Istation, which translates as Imaginary Station, offers various assessments and tools for teachers with instructions, including:

  • Istation Reading curriculum for grades from pre-kindergarten to 12th

  • Early reading ISIP ER and advanced AR assessments

  • Istation reading en Espanol for bilingual programs

There is over 400 hours curriculum with detailed instructions to each lesson, which correlates with State and Common Core standards. The program combines science and writing disciplines in the lessons. Students and teachers receive access to learning materials of one of the best help reading apps.

Istation Reading for Teachers

Besides detailed reports on students’ progress and profiles with data, teachers receive multiple tools for the classroom. Istation for teachers has the class book lists and library with over 1 500 plans of lessons for big classes, small groups, and individual training. Teachers can decide whether they need to give an extra assessment in the class to check specific skills students just learned.

Teachers have and access to these data:

  • Summary on Students which includes the performance of the student in ISIP rank, Lexile measure, level of grades and priorities

  • Skill Growth that unites pupils in groups by their skills

  • Priority Report suggests students that need intervention

  • Summary Reports give statistics of the class performances by skills

  • Classroom Summary shows what the whole classroom needs

  • Executive Summary shows statistics of campus for administrators

Both teachers and school administrators can see this data and make decisions on what to learn next. Parents receive access from their Istation Home Parental Portal to reports on Skill Growth and Student Summary. They can receive it in English and Spanish.

Istation Reading for Students

Indicators of the Progress are looking like games. Still, this is an assessment that determines the level of students’ skills. Based on the scores, Istation recommends the difficulty and length of the reading course. It builds the whole path for the student, using assessments.

Students from pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade take ISIP ER with games that ask to select synonyms from the list of words and match pictures with an audio stream.  The istation advanced reading users can choose synonyms matching the context or put words that can complete sentences in their ISIP AR programs.

The ISIP AR encourages students to explore space while completing tests. They can shoot asteroids with the right synonyms on them. Students can also use a notebook or glossary while working on the assessments.

There are detailed instructions for each task, tutorials and independent practice available to those who want to try themselves outside the class. Each new lesson is based on the personal skills of the student. The program can highlight several possible variants to help students after they gave an incorrect answer at first. There are hints and always an explanation of the correct answers.

There is time sensitivity in the program. If student does not know the answer or hesitates, Istation gives more hints. Every month, during the school year, the program gives monthly assessments to evaluate the progress.

To reinforce learning students may play games or read books inside the app. While students can use the multiple number of devices, Istation will still syncs to continue where students finished last time.

What do istation reading scores mean? The Isation evaluates your progress in:

  • Listening

  • Knowledge of letters

  • Vocabulary

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Alphabetic decoding

  • Spelling

  • Fluency

  • Comprehension

The program is available to use on Chromebooks, Apple mobile devices, web browsers. Students can use their personal laptops and mobile phones to check the progress or learn new material. They will have to register to receive personal account.

Each student’s Iicense on ISIP assessment costs $5 to school. Districts or school can ask for a quote for IR online curriculum. You may buy a package with math, to find out what do istation math scores mean.