Tips on how to introduce Istation to your students

Tips on how to introduce Istation to your students

Istation has a large list of positive feedback from parents and teachers. But do the kids really love it? Even though Istation was created for children, it is still an educational app. How to motivate and engage kids in Istation learning? Let’s see more into these questions in this article.

Istation gaming exercises as a part of your lesson

So, you want to bring the Istation to your classes, but don’t know how to do it properly? That’s we’re here to help. Istation represents a huge resource of lessons and exercises in a bright, colorful gaming form. Stuffed with fancy animations and wonderful graphics Istation will quickly become children favorite game to play. What kid doesn’t want a game as their homework? And that is one of the possible methods: give a home task as a Istation lesson. Once kids try it at home, they will love it soon. Istation always gives needed instructions and provides help on all of the tasks, so the kids wouldn’t be stuck on how to do it properly. Due to real-time reports come to your account as soon as the student completes the task, you can easily track and monitor your students progress.

Another way is to try the Istation lesson in the class. Prepare a lesson with teachers resources tab in your Istation account and present it to your students. Again, children love games and when gaming and learning team up, you can be sure it will be the best experience for them. So, don’t hesitate on using Istation as a part of your lesson.

The Istation gives you access to hundreds of Teacher Directed Lessons, which helps to make learning Spanish or improving reading/writing skill more attractive for kids. Who needs tedious and similar exercises when you can play and learn at the same time? Moreover, mobile interactive learning is good even for prekindergarteners who are developing their fine motor skills. The main advantage of the Istation is that the tasks are computer-managed. It means that the children wouldn’t be stuck on one level. The service gives an assessment and when the kid completes it successfully, the service selects a harder one, so the student's skill will upgrade every time they complete harder tasks.

How to introduce the Istation to kids and parents

Your students are having a summer vacation? Give them a cool assessment. Istation games and tasks definitely will become their favorite to play. Engage parents into the programme too. There’s parental access on the Istation site and they will see their child doesn't spend time in vain. Parents get the same reports about the kids' progress and achievements as teachers do.

Istation is an award-winning interactive resource of lessons and tasks for both kids and teachers, that will become an irreplaceable companion both in class and at home.