How to Learn Math with Istation app?

How to Learn Math with Istation app?

Learning math is always not the easiest task. Istation app was made to raise the student’s skill in different subjects in a play mode. ISIP Math and Istation Math help teachers to talk with students about mathematical concepts, making learning easier.

The program of Istation Math covers material from kindergarten to 5th grade. ISIP Math, which is assessments in math, was made for students from kindergarten to 8th grade. The best results teachers receive when they combine both modes together.

Students are learning number sense, measurements, mathematical operations, data analysis, and even algebra and geometry. This Istation app was made to make mathematics more entertaining and attractive to children. The program follows student’s progress and increases the level of material when the teacher believes that everyone understood the material.

In assessments mode, students can test their knowledge in 30-minute tasks on the computer. All assessments are quickly checked. Teachers receive all the information about the progress and can make a decision on whether students can move on or still need to go back and cover some gaps in their knowledge.

It is easy to control the program. There are short explanations appear from time to time when students need to make the next move. There is also a tutorial for teachers, to make their work more efficient. Animated interface catches students’ attention, making work to look like a game.

Teachers have access to the library of Istation. There are thousands of lessons gathered by topics. They are produced for classes and also for small groups. Reports on children’s progress are available for teachers, parents, and administrators of the school. Score shows:

  • Content understanding

  • The support that student needs to reach successes with the material

  • Depth of thinking

Learning through games

This is the main advantage of Istation. It uses modern technologies and popular type of games to make education fun. The game-like format helps students to get through the hardest topics in math, without even knowing that. There are different games to not making lessons into a boring routine. The animation is bright and catchy. It is growing with children, changing into something new according to their age.

For the pre-kindergarten age to the 1st grade, educators recommend using ISIP Early Math. It looks like a grocery store, where children can easily learn to calculate. The app was made considering the lack of knowledge of modern technologies. It helps to understand numbers and develop skills of mathematical thinking.

From the 2nd and to 8th grade, students are recommended to learn with ISIP Math which covers measurements, algebra, geometry, ratios, and proportions. It also provides wider knowledge of financial literacy, as well as mathematical reasoning. Starting with basics, students can progress, deepening and extending their knowledge.

The app focuses on the individual needs of each student. Depending on previous progress, it can repeat the program or move forward. The program identifies the most problematic areas and attracts the attention of students to it, which can learn math on mobile devices in their free time.

Students can master their skills in math by practicing more with the app. All lessons are guided with instructions and easy to understand. The app will signal to the teacher if the student needs help.

The app sends teachers insights on whether students meet state, common core and individual standards. It highlights the most problematic areas and suggests next steps for teachers to make. The app works well with the whole class and also individually.

Teachers receive lessons’ instructions, extra digital tools, including resources for interactive whiteboards, to make the material easy to understand for students. This is one of the best math apps that is available on laptops, desktop, iPads, Chromebooks. It does not take much time to download it.