Istation App - Guide for Getting Started

Istation App - Guide for Getting Started

Istation is the new tool for teachers that can ease the whole educational process. It is an obvious achievement of modern tech sciences in collaboration with teaching experience. Besides already made lesson plans in math, reading, it provides unique assessments for students based on their progress.

The beginning of Year Implementation Checklist

How to start work with the program? Here are several Istation tips you need to know:

  • Download the app and install it

  • Create accounts for educator and student

  • The headset that is connected to the mobile where the app is used

  • Login cards of students are printed and ready to be used

  • Students active monitoring to make sure that program results are true

  • Teachers may find information on student assessments useful by checking it through their account

The whole learning process is separated by weekly and monthly activities inside the program. Istation on Android developers recommend passing assessments after each new topic to see whether information was properly learned or in the middle of the learning process to understand whether teachers use the right technique for the lesson.

There are such monthly activities recommended in Istation for Iphone or Android:

  • Every month students take ISIP assessment

  • Teachers check summary reports after assessment

  • Teachers check skill growth report, which opens after the 2nd assessment

  • If there is a need in checking how well any particular topic is learned, there is an option to call on-demand assessment

Teachers can also pay attention to weekly activities that Istation app offers for them. It will help to concentrate more on specific tasks:

  • Choose Istation educational plan to choose activities for students

  • Check reports on prior topics that students must learn

  • Use lessons from Istation that recommended for teachers

  • Intervention work must be documented and saved

  • Use Priority Report recommendations to plan private intervention with students

Administrative Questions

During the first acquaintance with Istation, there are lots administrative questions that must come in mind. Mostly they can be answered by Istation User Guide that is available at the official website of Istation. There is special training that can be called on demand through a help center.

The frequently asked administrative questions:

  • How to add students in the classroom?

  • How do students log in?

  • How to add the teacher in the classroom?

  • How to add manager in the classroom?

Interactive Istation’s guide can be reached from any page of the website of the customer. All you have to do is to log in to the website and select the tab Get Help, which appears in the right upper corner of the page after you logged in. The first link that appears on the page connects you with the already written information about this specific question. The second link directs you to FAQ.

You can choose Go to the Help Center. There is a number of useful tools to solve the problem. Also, there is a link to Interactive User’s Guide as well.

Login Questions and Problems

If you work with Istation for the first time, better go to the tutorial. You also need to watch the video called Logging Into The Website, which is at the top of the page. It gives you more details.

If your students have login problems and you can see them already logged in but they are not. The program offers students to restart the computer that they used previously. This helps to break the connection with servers and students might use another device. They will have to log in again. If nothing happened, Istation offers to give a call to their Technical Support.

If the login failure appears on the screen when students try to log in, you need to follow these easy steps:

  • You need to confirm that students are logging in to take an assessment or to curriculum application

  • Confirm that students’ school listed correctly

  • Confirm that there are no capital letters in usernames and passwords are correct.

The app is easy to download and use on iOS and Android devices.There is no need in a panic if you have problems with entering the website. Help Center offers a quick tutorial with the video for better understanding. It is easy to memorize every step once you already followed them with video training. As for the other questions, there is an interactive user’s guide online.