Download & Install Istation on Mac OS


Download & Install Istation on Mac OS

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  • Genre: Education
  • Version: 2.9
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Education has now become a legal human right all across the world. More and more schools are being built in even very smaller villages or communal areas just for the purpose of spreading education. It is now a law that a child who is up to 11 years old or so should get educated no matter what. You will see a lot of Governmental funded schools too where kids come to study without any tension of fees. Apart from this initiation, other kids too now are dedicated to learning that they want a very good amount of knowledge that they want to gain.

What is Istation about?

Istation is one of those initiatives that have come forward in bringing up a child to a level where he/she can be called well educated. It is basically a learning source which is taken up by many schools today. The Istation works upon “7 Essentials” -

  • Their formative assessments include automatic screening and progress monitoring for data integrity, on-demand assessments that support aggressive intervention of progress, precise measurements that track skills and development of a student, seamless placements for a student to receive an individual learning path according to their own abilities, assessment modelling for the young learners for a child to become well familiarised with the experience by practices.

  • Adaptive curriculum empowers purposeful instruction needed to adjust a student’s ability, layered scaffolding for differentiation and complexity, interactive lessons to digitally present the animated contents, explicit/direct instruction connecting lessons with activities for better understanding, and responsive reteaching for making the students master the concept before progressing.

  • Personalized data profile with priority reports for identifying students fro small group instructions, student summary handouts for each student’s performance, assessment percentile, grade equivalency, priority alerts, and usage details, classroom summary reports for supporting the administration of the group meets, executive summary reports for district and school administrators, usage trend reports to track down the average minutes of instructions delivered in a month across the school year, and skill growth reports helping to evaluate the critical support's effectiveness in the class.

  • Teacher resources include Istation cards providing tools and tips helping teachers with insights of a student, online lesson libraries having a supplement instruction of digital lessons, interactive tools for leading classes and engaging them with animated content, fully scripted teacher-directed lessons in print form, Lexile Find a Book for supplement material, and assignments for giving homework and measuring the progress.

  • School to home connection providing online access to learning, interactive books for the individual student based on their abilities, Ipractice for activities, parent portal to provide parents the resources and personalized data profiles, parent-led activities having both printable and digital material, and assignments for regular practice.

  • Professional development which meets the unique needs of educators has dedicated experts who help with the goals and especially creative interacting hands-on workshops.

  • Proven results that have been research-based, award-winning, and connected to correlations.

How to download Istation on Mac OS

  1. Visit the online website

  1. Click on the “Services and Support” tab present on the top right side.

  2. Scroll down the page to find the download option.

  1. Click on the blue button option of “Download: Istation for Macintosh”.

  2. A file named Istation.dmg will be downloaded on your system.

How to install Istation on Mac OS

  1. The Istation.dmg file is actually an Apple Disc Image containing The Imagination Station software. Double click on it. When you do that, an error will be shown saying "Unable to load login scene." Drag it down to your desktop or whichever location you want or on the Dock.

  2. Login as a user with administrative privileges which will then take you to the Applications directly. If you want other users of Macintosh to access it then open a finder window< navigate to Applications directory within Macintosh HD< click and drag The Imagination Station icon to the directory.

  3. Double click on the icon again for running the Istation Reading Program.

  4. A dialog box will open asking whether you are sure to open the application, choose and click “Open”. 

  5. Now type your school’s domain inside the “Default Domain” box after the configuration screen opens up. But make sure to not type in the "Peer Group" section.

  1. Click “OK”.

  2. Then again click “OK” present in the message box instructing to restart The Imagination Station.

  3. Double click the icon.

  4. Your installation is complete.

Note: If you want to install this same application of Istation on multiple computers, then leave the application running while you will be installing other computers in the network. Repeat all of the steps in the same manner and you would not need to perform steps after step 4. It will all be skipped. So if you are looking for the best educational system that is both digital and hands-on, Istation is the one-stop place for you to come for both as an individual and as an institution.